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All You Need to Know About Industrial Ethernet Switches

by Sherman

An industrial Ethernet switch is a network device suitable for harsh environments. These switches are popular in various industries such as transportation, mining, and surveillance. Moreover, companies are manufacturing switched for industrial use only. Therefore, to handle severe weather conditions and the environment.

Yet, switches can work well from -45 degrees C to 47 degrees C. In addition, industrial switchers have features that include supporting standards. In addition, proprietary ring redundancy protocols.

When building servers, you can choose to use a rack-mount server (or a tower server) which often means they are not that popular due to their size. This is why industrial Ethernet switches exist. These switches are good for office environments. Moreover, it can handle large amounts of wireless and wired devices within an office environment.

Incredible features of Industrial Ethernet switches

The following are some of the features that make these switches ideal for industrial applications:


Industrial Ethernet switches can withstand harsh conditions, such as dust and moisture. They also have high resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI), making them suitable for even the most demanding environments.


Besides being durable, industrial Ethernet switches are also reliable. They come with advanced hardware and software designs. That help prevents failures due to overheating or power fluctuations. The reliability factor makes them ideal for mission-critical applications such as factory automation, where downtime can lead to serious problems.


Industrial Ethernet switches offer much greater scalability than traditional routers because they feature more ports without requiring extra equipment. Users can add more ports when needed without purchasing other equipment. Yet, it saves money over time while still providing great performance levels!

Fast Ring Network

You can install industrial switches in:

  • Industrial automation and control
  • Factory automation
  • Process control
  • Building automation and other applications.

These controls and automation need the highest levels of reliability.

Industrial Ethernet switches provide high-speed connectivity to factory networks, enabling system integration and data sharing across many devices.

Types of Industrial Ethernet Switches

There are several different industrial Ethernet switches, each with its own set of features. That makes them more or less suited for specific applications. Here is an overview of some of the most common types:

Managed & Unmanaged Industrial Switches

Managed industrial switches allow monitoring and configuration of LAN settings. In addition, it provides channel prioritization, but they are expensive. Moreover, you can integrate many controls for your industrial Ethernet LAN traffic.

Unmanaged industrial switches are plug-and-play devices with no manual configuration settings. All you need is to connect, and you are ready to go. It is simple and immediately connects with your network. Surprisingly they are economical in price.

Non-PoE Switches & Industrial PoE

Non-PoE is a type of switch with no Power of Ethernet. Thus, it has no control available that provides electrical power to the end-user on Ethernet.

Nevertheless, networking device like PoE switch has various ports. Therefore, it performs multiple at the same time. Such as getting power through an Ethernet cable and sending network data to other users.


Industrial Ethernet switches provide a way to connect devices with high bandwidth requirements. This can be useful in various settings, whether for entertainment, security, or even manufacturing. By having a little knowledge about these industrial Ethernet switches and how they function, you can find the best one.

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