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All About Insulated Garage Doors

by Sherman

Insulated garage doors are becoming popular, especially after famous garage door companies introduced them through their portfolio. If you are also going to buy a garage door, you should take advantage of this type from your search list.

Whether you’ll check the bestar roll-up door collection or menards garage doors, insulated doors are everywhere. So, let’s find out what these doors are and how they provide insulation even in extreme environments!

What Are Insulated Garage Doors?

Insulated garage doors are made with a layer of insulation inside the door frame. This is done in different ways (mentioned below). The most common mechanism is installing a thermal break between the two halves of the door to keep them from touching each other while they are open or closed.

The only purpose of using these materials is to prevent heat loss to keep the internal temperature constant or near constant.

Insulation Mechanism in Insulated Garage Doors

The construction of insulated garage doors plays a vital role in their insulation, and various factors are involved in construction.

Door Material

The first thing is door material. Garage doors are made of steel, wood, aluminum, etc. All these materials vary in insulation, durability, and environmental resistance.

The most common material used in insulated garage doors is steel because it is more durable than aluminum or wood and can withstand high temperatures and humidity but can be heavy.

R-Value and Foam Core

The R-Value is a number that represents a material’s resistance to heat transfer. Material with better R-value will provide more insulation. Insulated garage doors are measured in terms of their R-Values and can be found on the label of your door or its website.

The foam core is another factor in determining door insulation. This foam is positioned inside an insulated frame that supports the weight of your door and keeps it from moving around during operation.

Single vs. Double Garage Doors

Regarding garage doors, there are two main styles: single and double. The difference between these types of doors is how they are built.

Single doors have one large opening that can accommodate a vehicle or two and close via a spring-loaded hinge at the top of your entrance.

Double-door systems feature two openings, each with its own set of hinges and springs for closing them together to secure your vehicle inside.

The insulating properties of both types are similar. However, if you’re looking for more insulation than what’s offered by your existing garage door installers’ kits, then going with a double-door system might be precisely what you need.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Door

Garage doors are popular because of their benefits. The major benefits include reduction of noise and internal temperature. This help in saving energy cost and increasing the efficiency of your home.

Insulated doors provide great resistance to harsh environmental conditions such as wind-driven heavy rain or snow accumulation than non-insulated ones. This means they are used in places where it rains heavily, like coastal areas where floods occur regularly.


Insulated garage doors can be an excellent option for your home, but they come with their trade-offs. They’re more expensive than other types of doors, especially when compared to wood ones that have been used for generations, and they’re only sometimes the best choice for everyone. However, if you want to save money on energy bills or protect your home from extreme weather conditions, an insulated door might be right for you.

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